12-14 July 2019

The ethnic festival "Music and Crafts of Siberia" would not be the iconic ethno-event without craftsmen, whose source of inspiration is folk arts and crafts. Every year since the first festival held in Shushenskoye they gather on the largest ethno-platform of Siberia to present the products of their talent, knowledge and skills. This year Crafts Fair "The Town of Masters" is the area where guests of the festival will be able not only see and buy ethno-souvenirs but also study traditional crafts at some interesting workshops. The visitors of the trade fair will admire endless variety of fantasy, a combination of non-standard approach and age-old traditions. Here you can buy a patchwork blanket, and exotic musical instruments, birch-bark box and beaded jewelry that are the pieces of folk arts and crafts created by talented people.

Several hundred of participants of the Crafts Fair "The Town of Masters" will exhibit different kinds of ethnic souvenirs and talismans; musical instruments (shamanic drums, Jew's harps, bugles, flutes, ocarinas), clothing (shirts, sundresses, hats, woven belts, etc.) made of fabric, wool, leather, fur and felt  by using ancient and modern techniques. In a wide assortment there will be presented  finely knit down-hair lace products (shawls, mittens, socks), ceramics (toys, whistles, plates) and pottery (milk jars, jugs, bowls), products of the vine (bast baskets, baskets, vases), and birch (baskets, dishes , hats and souvenirs), wood ( birds of happiness, carved household products and painted matrioshkas, boxes, spoons, dishes), cattail, straw; cooperage (barrels, tubs, buckets), forged products and castings; miniature lacquer painting: traditional (Gaytana, Khakass pectorals) and the modern author ornaments made of different materials (African semi-precious stones, natural stone, metal, enamel, ivory, leather, fur, textiles, ceramics, polymer clay, glass beads, wood and bark), traditional folk, interior and author's toy, as well as patchwork pictures and blankets.


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