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About the festival

About the festival

The International Festival of World Music and Crafts “WORLD of Siberia” is the most prestigious open-air event in Siberia that takes place in July in Shushenskoye, the Krasnoyarsk region. The WORLD of Siberia Festival is a marathon of live folk music, a place of unprecedented musical, ethnic and cultural pilgrimage that attracts thousands of guests and participants. For three days about 35,000 visitors from all over the world annually gather at the festival in the atmosphere of ethnic traditions and diversity of cultures. The first festival held in 2003 captivated the audience. The festival tells a fascinating story about the beauty and endless creative potential of Siberia and world cultures in the universal languages of music, dance and crafts. Today at the festival musicians who preserve and maintain national cultural traditions have an opportunity to freely express themselves worldwide. Throughout the year our team creates a lineup of buzz-worthy artists across world music and looks for the most outstanding participants to design a bright and varied concert program, manages a selection of nominees for the “MIRA” World Music Competition and “MIRA” Crafts Competition, and plans something new in order to surprise you every time you visit our festival! We make it the most immersive and memorial experience possible. Book your July weekend and celebrate world music with us!

About the festival

Join the WORLD of Siberia Festival to create, sing, and dance!

Ансамбль участники фестиваля

Participation in the festival

  • Other kind of participation
    being a spectator of this great event
  • Trade Stalls and Food Court
    shopping for souvenirs and exploring traditional meals
  • Town of Craftsmen
    demonstration of your handicraft work
Participation in the festival

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Founders of the competition

  • Министерство культуры
  • Администрация Шушенского района
  • Год Культурного наследия