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Consent to personal data processing

I hereby grant my consent to personal data processing by the Regional State Autonomous Cultural Institution “Center for International and Regional Cultural Affairs” (hereinafter – the Center) at voluntary, by my own free will and in my own interest. The personal data processing shall be done with use of automated means or without such means including the use of Internet services at according to the following list:

•        Personal data – telephone number, e-mail, surname, first name, patronymic;

•        Source of the link to the website and information about search or commercial inquiries;

•        User device data (e.g. resolution, version and other device characteristics);

•        User page views, clicks, fillings of fields, viewings and screenings of banners and videos;

•        Data, that describes audience segments;

•        Session data;

•        Session time;

•        User ID stored in cookie.

The personal data processing is carried out in order to increase awareness of Users of the website about the events organized by the Center, provide relevant commercial information and commercial optimization, perform contractual obligations, and run promotional campaigns and marketing researches.

I also grant my consent to personal data processing by the Center as the User of the website, the Center collaborates with. The personal data processing by the Center shall include the following actions: collection, recording, ordering, accumulation, storage, updating, modifying, utilization, transfer (distribution, provision, and access).

The Consent is valid from the moment of my transition to the website and during the terms specified by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The personal data processing shall be done in accordance with Article 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; Article 6 of the Federal Law
No. 152-FL “On personal data”.

Personal data is processed until the end of processing.

The processing of personal data may be terminated at the request of the personal data subject.

The storage of personal data in print format is carried out under the Federal Law No. 125-FL “On Archival Affairs in the Russian Federation” and other regulatory legal acts in the field of archives and archival storage.

The term or condition for terminating of personal data processing is the winding up of the Center.